The Benifits of Pop up Marketing Stand!

Pop up marketing stands are a cheap, easy to use and effective way of promoting your business, products or services to a large number of potential customers. With a minimum of effort pop-up stands offer you the opportunity to get the message of your business across and make a quick impression on the general public.
Pop-up marketing stands are most commonly used at trade events as they make the perfect addition to any business’s stall. They are quick and simple to set up.
Pop up banner stands are much more than a cost effective marketing tool that can look great.

Below is a list of benefits to using pop up stands in your business premises or on the go at trade shows or conferences.

Easy to assemble:

Pop up banner stands are extremely easy to assemble. This ease of assembly is the first and most obvious benefit of the banner. Once you have it set up you can forget about it and spend more time working on your display. Also when it comes time to pack up a pop up stand is simple to dismantle and takes up very little space making it easy to transport. Plus you don’t need to fold the banner itself meaning that it won’t get any ugly creases.


Pop up banners are also extremely durable. The printed vinyl used to print on is extremely durable and designed to last. The base of a pop up stand is also very strong and provides additional support to the whole stand. The frames of most pop up stands are some form of aluminium meaning it is both light for transportation and strong and sturdy when on display.

Easy to store:

Pop up stands are also very easy to store and won’t take up much space at your office or place of work. The banner itself will fold away into the base and the telescopic pole used to support the banner collapses and folds away easily.

Take your message on the road:

Another benefit of banner stands is that it allows you to take your message on the road. From promoting your business at a conference or an exhibition to doing a talk at a local show, a branded pop up stand allows you to create some brand awareness and promote your message with relative ease.

So, if you style your pop-up banner in the right manner it can attract a great deal of interest in your brand. For more information Contact Vital Concept Print. We offers superb pop up exhibition stands and displays of all sizes, to fit all budgets. For trade shows, conferences, shops, offices and public places.


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