WordPress Owner Scores .Blog Domain Around $19 Million

The awkward but frank domain name .blog will soon be available to purchase for bloggers everywhere. This comes after Automattic, the company behind WordPress, announced that it had “secured” the rights to the name.

Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg wrote on his blog  “It’s now public that Automattic is the company behind Knock Knock Whois There LLC, the registry for the new .blog TLD. I’m excited we won and think that it will be both an amazing business going forward and give lots of folks an opportunity to have a fantastic domain name in a new namespace and with an easy-to-say TLD.”

WordPress Owner Scores .blog Domain around $19 million

Why .blog?

For years, .com was the dominant choice for website names, but it’s become increasingly difficult to find a domain name. With a top-level domain like .blog, you can get a domain name that truly matches your identity. Plus, you’ll get all the same benefits with Google search results.


.blog Domain Pricing has not been finalized, but Automattic said it will be in the standard range for new top-level domains – with premium pricing for higher-value names.
The sunrise period for the new .blog domain will launch in August 2016.  If you have a trademark you can get in August, and then October for the “land rush.” You can sign up to be first in line to reserve a domain here.

Our WordPress Development team Expects 250,000 .Blog Domain Name Registrations In 2016.


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