Features of Magento, Joomla and WordPress Development

What do you see when you visit the market? Surely, a lot of established syndicates claiming to be the best in terms of website development and other related services. However, such obvious inundation of the market can be quite confusing at times. The biggest pitfall is that a person who is unaware of the myriad technologies in related genre of work can easily be fooled into getting his website done in an incompetent technology. Here are a few web services which are dynamic, latest and extremely user-friendly for all.

Magento web technology:
Magento Development are known for being extremely flexible and scalable as well. This is one of the best technologies available for e-commerce applications and internet based stores. Here, we enumerate a few key features of this incredible web technology.

  • Tools for promotion, marketing, branding, creation of awareness of brands and pricing
  • Tools for analytics and reporting
  • Browsing and management of catalogues
  • Facilities for mobile commerce
  • Navigation and control systems to manage multiple sites
  • Seamless transition from Magento to other applications

Joomla web services:
Joomla is a very powerful and competent content management system and is indeed one of the most prominent technologies in the genre. The features are smart and extremely sophisticated and therefore you can find many features such as extensibility and versatility among the ones most prized by the community of developers. Here are a few more features of using Joomla development service.

  • Ability to customize and user management feature
  • Powerful and extended help system
  • There is a management system for everything from templates, content to banners and even language
  • All the features are user-friendly and this makes it a cynosure of the website building community.

WordPress technology:
This technology is one of the most desired among non-technical people and amateurs who want to create blogs or web pages designed to their own specifications. The biggest benefit is that there are a host of user-friendly features in WordPress development which are beneficial and extremely practical.

  • Password protection and dynamic changes
  • Superior text formatting tools
  • Protection from spam and feature of multiple authors
  • Availability of themes and installation as well as easy upgrades
  • Importing is easy and not cumbersome
  • All these are in compliance with the standards which are laid out by W3C

The advent of open source technology into our lives have surely transformed the way we look at things as many of us can now independently create and design a lot of web pages which were earlier considered a ‘barred territory’. The above mentioned features are quite unique and innovative making them coveted among their users. The entire community of web service providers swears by these technologies.


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