Future of Web Design Events in London November 2015

Attending conferences, expos and other events for web designers and developers is a great way to expand your skill-set, keep up to date with industry news and brush up on business related skills like marketing and product development.

It may seem like all the big web events are held in the London UK. We’ve compiled a list of events that will be held this November in the London UK and cover topics ranging from general design to technical programming.

1. Ampersand: The web typography conference

Friday 13th November, 2015

68 Middle Street
Brighton BN1 1AL

Brighton Dome Corn Exchange
Church Street
Brighton BN1 1UG
An inspiring one-day event for web designers and type enthusiasts. This workshop will show designers and developers how to create websites with engaging, appropriate, distinctive, expressive and readable web typography, which adapts for screens of all shapes and sizes.

What will the workshop cover:
•    Setting type to be read
•    Vertical rhythm
•    Microtypography
•    Selecting and combining typefaces
•    Using webfonts
•    Responsive layout and composition
•    Responsive paragraphs
•    New possibilities with CSS3

2. Building responsive websites with Bootstrap 4

Monday 30 November 2015 | London, UK
Avonmouth House
Borough, SE1 6NX

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework and it has been used by a wide variety of websites including Newsweek, Vogue and NASA. It allows you to kickstart the development of a new professional website design by providing you with a base set of CSS and components that you can use.

What will the workshop cover:
•    How to setup a project using Bootstrap
•    How using the Bootstrap grid system will allow you to develop responsive sites more efficiently
•    How you can customise Bootstraps components to make your site look unique
•    How we can update the tools we use to take better advantage of Bootstrap
•    How you can create new components for using with Bootstrap

Make a Note in Your Diary: Wherever you are in the UK and whatever your specialty, there’s something for everyone so be sure to try and get to at least one industry event this year.


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