How can online retailers protect customers?

Although Ecommerce Website Design is important for online retailers, it is important that your e-commerce website offers your customers security. When a customer chooses to buy from you online, they trust you with their personal sensitive information. Trust is in an important element between any customer relationships and will guarantee they return to your services. To ensure that you provide your customers with the best protection, we have compiled a list of precautions that any online retailer should take.

Installing a firewall will help protect data on your secure network. It is important that you maintain and install the latest security software, as this will ensure to keep you data safe and keep criminals out.
antivirus total accuracy 2014
Ensure that you have set up the best anti-virus software and make sure to regularly update it. This will help to maintain and protect your computers from viruses, malware and many other online threats.

Ensure that you handle and protect stored Cardholder data carefully. Encrypting transmission of sensitive date such as cardholder date across public network will ensure added security to sensitive data stored on your network.

You should monitor and test your networks regularly. By keeping an eye on who has access to your network and testing your security system, you are ensuring that your security system in place is providing you the best protection and that no one has accessed information that they are not privy to. Applying strong security measures such as restricted access to data with unique logins for employees can help provide more protection from physical access to sensitive information.

Your company website should provide a privacy policy that explains to your customers exactly what information you collect and how you plan to use the information. Being upfront about what you are doing with your customers information will help gain their trust and they will have some peace of mind about where their information is going and isn’t being abused.

Ensuring you have a secure payment gateway for your customers to use. There are established payment platforms such as Verified from Visa or MasterCard SecureCode that will help you handle an entire transaction securely.

Whether you’re a Magento eCommerce or WordPress eCommerce website, taking all these preventative measures will help to ensure your retail business does not get targeted by cyber-criminals and protect your customers. It will also protect your business most importantly ensuring that you don’t find yourself making expensive data breaches that could cost your business your reputation.


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