Design Your Own Christmas Greeting Card

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Christmas cards: Where can I find the perfect Christmas card? At VC Print, of course! Whether you are looking for a pack of cards or just a single, special one, find it here in our great selection. A really lovely way to stay in touch and spread some Christmas cheer!

VCP - Greating Cards Printing
Weddings Card to Thank you Cards: Whether you’re a professional wedding photographer or one half of a happy couple, wedding cards featuring shots of the big day are a nice idea.

Weddings to Anniversaries Freeting Card printing
Business Cards: We offer the option of Matt or Gloss Lamination, encapsulation, embossing, folded, rounded corners, die-cut, uniquely shaped, spot UV and foiling to give your business cards a polished finished.

350gsm Value Business Cards Printing
Whether a greeting card or an invitation, greeting cards designed by you are great for customers, business associates and staff as well as your nearest and dearest.
We Hope You Enjoy Using Our Greeting Card Printing Service.


Future of Web Design Events in London November 2015

Attending conferences, expos and other events for web designers and developers is a great way to expand your skill-set, keep up to date with industry news and brush up on business related skills like marketing and product development.

It may seem like all the big web events are held in the London UK. We’ve compiled a list of events that will be held this November in the London UK and cover topics ranging from general design to technical programming.

1. Ampersand: The web typography conference

Friday 13th November, 2015

68 Middle Street
Brighton BN1 1AL

Brighton Dome Corn Exchange
Church Street
Brighton BN1 1UG
An inspiring one-day event for web designers and type enthusiasts. This workshop will show designers and developers how to create websites with engaging, appropriate, distinctive, expressive and readable web typography, which adapts for screens of all shapes and sizes.

What will the workshop cover:
•    Setting type to be read
•    Vertical rhythm
•    Microtypography
•    Selecting and combining typefaces
•    Using webfonts
•    Responsive layout and composition
•    Responsive paragraphs
•    New possibilities with CSS3

2. Building responsive websites with Bootstrap 4

Monday 30 November 2015 | London, UK
Avonmouth House
Borough, SE1 6NX

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework and it has been used by a wide variety of websites including Newsweek, Vogue and NASA. It allows you to kickstart the development of a new professional website design by providing you with a base set of CSS and components that you can use.

What will the workshop cover:
•    How to setup a project using Bootstrap
•    How using the Bootstrap grid system will allow you to develop responsive sites more efficiently
•    How you can customise Bootstraps components to make your site look unique
•    How we can update the tools we use to take better advantage of Bootstrap
•    How you can create new components for using with Bootstrap

Make a Note in Your Diary: Wherever you are in the UK and whatever your specialty, there’s something for everyone so be sure to try and get to at least one industry event this year.

A5 NCR Pads

At Vital Concept we provide single or double sided A5 NCR Pads are great for those who require replication stationery, particularly for financial or purchase management and many other needs.

A5 NCR Pads

We aim to print and dispatch your NCR Pads within 72 hours of your order and provide free UK delivery.

A3 Notepads Printing

A3 Notepads Printing

Vital Concept Print offers A3 notepads printed onto 100gsm stock, with a grey backing board.

We offer A3 notepads perfect as a promotional tool and the perfect desk size for a colouring pad or a desk pad. These notepads are an ideal way of keeping your brand in your customers mind daily.

We aim to print and dispatch your A3 notepads within 72 hours of your approval and provide free UK delivery.

Gate Fold Folders with Centre Flap

Gate Fold Folders Printing

Vital Concept Print offers gate fold folders printed onto 350gsm silk art board. vwe print high quality gate fold folders that provides your business with an added twist to classic folder.

The gate fold folder is a unique way to customise your folder and help your business stand out.

We aim to print and dispatch your folders within 3-5 working days of your approval and provide free UK delivery.

Should you follow the flat design trend, too?

It’s no surprise that Flat Design has made an impact in business web design and influenced many websites and apps. With many big companies taking upon this style for their own websites, such as Google, Microsoft and let’s not forget about Apple’s iOS7 update, it’s no wonder that many are trying to jump on the bandwagon. Whether it is right for you and your website is something that needs to be considered before you hop aboard this trend for your Business Web Design.

flat web design by vital concept

Flat Design can offer you many benefits, especially if done correctly; it can create a striking design that will leave a lasting impression on people. Taking away all the elements that we have seen with Skeuomorphism design, Flat Design takes the back to basic approach with a 2D aesthetic. Instead of focusing on embellishments (drop shadows, gradients and 3D aspects), Flat Design focuses more on bright colours and bold typography, with simple shapes and simple icons to create a minimal aesthetically pleasing website. This minimalist and clean approach to a website allows you to focus more on the content of your website rather than design. Often they provide enhanced usability as flat design layouts usually offer minimal layouts that are clear and easy to use for the user. Other benefits you get from this trend, is that it allows your website to translate well across all platforms. Making your website mobile responsive is an important thing to think about when coming up with your Affordable Web Design, and Flat Design allows this to be done easily as colour and text is easier to scale down than embellished designs.

However, Flat Design does have its negatives if not done correctly. One of the problems with Flat Design is that you are trying to create a clean minimalist design, but with that you get some designs that remove all user guides and suggestions. This creates lack of usability and leaves your users baffled at what is a button and how to navigate your website. With its recent popularity in the world of web, you need to figure out if it’s right for your website and goes with your brand. Flat Design has become overused and websites have begun to mimic each other, with the same peachy red, green and purple being used over and over.

So if you feel that Flat Design is a trend that your website will benefit from, you need to take in consideration your business brand and design, and make something unique to your business. And although you might get swept up with the minimalist style and begin to create a clean bare website, you’ll need to make sure you need to reel yourself in and ensure that user usability comes first when creating your website.

How can online retailers protect customers?

Although Ecommerce Website Design is important for online retailers, it is important that your e-commerce website offers your customers security. When a customer chooses to buy from you online, they trust you with their personal sensitive information. Trust is in an important element between any customer relationships and will guarantee they return to your services. To ensure that you provide your customers with the best protection, we have compiled a list of precautions that any online retailer should take.

Installing a firewall will help protect data on your secure network. It is important that you maintain and install the latest security software, as this will ensure to keep you data safe and keep criminals out.
antivirus total accuracy 2014
Ensure that you have set up the best anti-virus software and make sure to regularly update it. This will help to maintain and protect your computers from viruses, malware and many other online threats.

Ensure that you handle and protect stored Cardholder data carefully. Encrypting transmission of sensitive date such as cardholder date across public network will ensure added security to sensitive data stored on your network.

You should monitor and test your networks regularly. By keeping an eye on who has access to your network and testing your security system, you are ensuring that your security system in place is providing you the best protection and that no one has accessed information that they are not privy to. Applying strong security measures such as restricted access to data with unique logins for employees can help provide more protection from physical access to sensitive information.

Your company website should provide a privacy policy that explains to your customers exactly what information you collect and how you plan to use the information. Being upfront about what you are doing with your customers information will help gain their trust and they will have some peace of mind about where their information is going and isn’t being abused.

Ensuring you have a secure payment gateway for your customers to use. There are established payment platforms such as Verified from Visa or MasterCard SecureCode that will help you handle an entire transaction securely.

Whether you’re a Magento eCommerce or WordPress eCommerce website, taking all these preventative measures will help to ensure your retail business does not get targeted by cyber-criminals and protect your customers. It will also protect your business most importantly ensuring that you don’t find yourself making expensive data breaches that could cost your business your reputation.